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An award winning team

Architecture must sit comfortably in the landscape and actively contribute to its environment.

An award winning team

Loft Estates is an award–winning construction company with 15 years of experience specialising in bespoke construction. We like to come at things from a different angle and pour our efforts into building properties that we can be proud of; from larger–scale residentials to bespoke restoration projects, energy–passive construction, and award–winning architectural homes.

To make this possible, our work is guided by a strong customer focus, high–quality construction, and exciting architectural designs. What’s more, we know that every Loft Estates customer is unique, which is why it has always been our policy to encourage our buyers to customise their new homes to suit their individual tastes and needs.

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"The team at Loft Estates are focused on gaining a reputation for excellent customer service and building high quality new homes. This has been recognised by the NHBC with a number of pride in the job awards for exceptional workmanship."

David Little, NHBC Regional Director